The web has created an even playing field for big and small companies. Now more than ever, small companies can seize significant opportunities worldwide, thanks to affordable cloud solutions, efficient logistics, distributed production and marketing strategies aimed at new and promising markets.

BUT… at the end of it all, there is a customer, who knows more, wants more and is very vocal on all touchpoints. And who definitively prefers to interact in a digital proxy which is reminiscent of his/her culture and language.

So, what is you content strategy? And does it take into account the different languages and cultures spoken by your customer?

If not, we can definitively help.

We have included multilingualism within the Inbound Marketing Methodology developed by HubSpot to attract, convert, close and delight prospects and customers. Together with your marketeers, we devise the most efficient multilingual strategy to increase the reach and appreciation for your products or services worldwide and cross-industry.

We can help you develop blog posts, keywords, social publishing, forms, calls-to-action, microsites and landing pages, e-mails, campaign contents and surveys for what you consider to be the most promising markets. And we can help you taylor your multilingual content to the relevant touchpoint requirements.

MultilingualDigital is the Multilingual Content Strategy and Services WebSite for SMEs that want to seize growth opportunities world-wide