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Your law firm deals with international litigation.

Your insurance company underwrites policies worldwide.

Your investment bank needs to register its financial products with the authorities of another country.

Being “international” has become a necessity. And so is the ability to correctly communicate and deal in many languages.

SpeakLegal, our brand for high value legal, insurance and financial language services, offers quality services performed by language experts who are also lawyers in the relevant jurisdiction.

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  • International litigation
  • Family and succession
  • Contracts, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property
  • Charter-party agreements
  • Sworn translations
  • Court and criminal justice interpreting
  • Police interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting services
  • Localization of Portals and Solutions for the Legal Profession


  • Investment Prospectuses
  • SICAV Documentation
  • Financial Statements
  • Company Articles of Association
  • Audits
  • Tax Documentation
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Localisation of Software Solutions and Portals for the Banking Industry
  • Localization of SAP Solutions for the Banking Industry


  • Underwriting presentations
  • Claims documents
  • Litigation documents
  • Surveys
  • Insurance Policies
  • Expert appraisals



An initiative by Lawyer Linguists excelling in language and knowledgeable in the law, offering you the best legal translation skills on the market. Supported by solid project management and state of the art technology