Language services partner for sporting events

We are your reliable partner for any sporting event, offering a full suite of language services to help ensure that your event is accessible and enjoyable for all participants, regardless of language barriers.

Our services include:

  • Translation: Our team of experienced translators can help you communicate effectively with athletes, coaches, officials, and fans in any language. Whether you need promotional materials, rule books, or real-time event updates, we’ve got you covered.
  • Interpreting: Our professional interpreters (on-site or remote) can provide live interpreting services to help facilitate communication before, during and after your sporting event. From press conferences to on-field interviews, we can help bridge the language gap and ensure that everyone is on the ball.
  • Cultural Assistance: We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity in the sporting world. Our team of cultural experts can provide guidance on local customs, etiquette, and best practices to help ensure that your event runs smoothly and respectfully.

With a proven track record of providing language services for major sporting events, such as the Olympic Committee Winter Sports in Torino 2006 – from pre-games feasibility studies, environmental expert reports and logistics, to sporting and cultural events – you can trust us to develop and deliver a customised, top-notch service for your event as well.

Our resources can support your event – big or small – in 18 countries and in 25 target languages, so that you can focus on the competition and leave the language barriers behind.

Language support for sporting events

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  • Winter sports
  • Tennis
  • Ice-Skating / Figure Ice-Skating
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Regattas

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