ILT Group: SMART Translation Projects


We follow the SMART methodology

 The ILT Group is a provider of quality language and consultancy services for global organisations and make sure that we deliver on what we promise.



We add value to your company

Through optimised PM and Vendor Management workflows, we offer you the best linguist for your specific job within your project constraints. Our solutions, supported by state of the art technology, provide maximum efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and value. Our consultancy can help you streamline your localization processes.


Problem Solvers

We like challenges, and we are good at solving problems. We plan thoroughly, but we keep a sufficient degree of flexibility that allows us to be as agile as necessary to achieve your goals, always ready to run the extra mile.


Customer Support

Our aim is to have happy and satisfied customers, for the long term. We strive to achieve this goal with a service-oriented company culture, with our responsiveness, with our advice as well as with our deliverables.

ILT at a glance

Founded in 1996. Headquartered in London, UK. Italian office in Rome. Liaison office in Heidelberg.

Current brands:InterpretDirect/ProntoInterprete/OnlineSimultanDolmetscher, SpeakLegal, Small2global.

SAP Language Services Partner since 2010.

Hubspot Partner since 2020.

ASAP Globalizers Affiliate since 2014.

  • Multilingual Brand Alignment 2% 2%
  • SE63 Translation and Consulting Services 20% 20%
  • SAP related Terminology 3% 3%
  • SAP SE63 Training 2% 2%
  • Transcreation 18% 18%
  • Multilingual SEO 12% 12%
  • Translation 40% 40%
  • Interpreting 3% 3%