A multilingual content Agency

The ILT Group is a provider of quality language and consultancy services for global organisations.


Total process integration

Our internationalization and globalization solutions, which can be fully integrated into your business processes, provide maximum efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and value.


Problem Solvers

We assist you with linguistic solutions that fully meet your language requirements in accordance with local branding and law and… we are ready to run the extra mile.


Customer Support

We make sure our customer is happy. With our service, with our responsiveness, with our deliverables.

ILT at a glance

Founded in 1996. Headquartered in London, UK. Italian office in Rome. Liaison office in Heidelberg.

Current brands:ProntoInterprete, SpeakLegal, MultilingualDigital.

SAP Language Services Partner since 2010.

ASAP Globalizers Affiliate since 2014.

  • Multilingual Brand Alignment 80%
  • Multilingual solutions for Digital Services 80%
  • SE63 Translation and Consulting Services 90%
  • SAP related Terminology 90%
  • SAP SE63 Training 20%
  • Transcreation 90%
  • Multilingual SEO 80%
  • Translation 90%
  • Interpreting 30%