The value of localised content

The web has created an even playing field for big and small companies.

Now more than ever, small companies can seize significant opportunities worldwide, thanks to affordable cloud solutions, efficient logistics, distributed production and marketing strategies aimed at new and promising markets.

BUT… at the end of it all, there is a customer, who knows more, wants more and is very vocal on all touch-points. And who definitively prefers to interact in a digital proxy in her/his language and culture.


To help you understand the advantages of Localisation, check out our synthetic, AI-supported presentation.

So, what is your multilingual content strategy?

Are you acting global but thinking local in terms of content, process and keywords?

If not, we can definitively help.

If you are using Hubspot

If you use Hubspot for your Inbound Marketing Strategy, we can help you devise the most efficient multilingual strategy to increase the reach and appreciation for your products or services worldwide.

We can create a local version of your Web Pages, your Landing Pages and your Blog Posts to attract, convert, close and delight your readers in all the countries where you decide to market your product and your services.

We can help you set up Forms, bots and CTAs in different languages.

And we can help you tailor your multilingual content to the most relevant touch-points for the specific country.

If you are using Salesforce

If you use Salesforce for your sales and support activities, we can help you localize e-mails, knowledge-base, support requests and system customizations.

We can also help you with the system administration and automation.

If you need help with an overall strategy…

We can help you set up an internal localization department, or devise an outsourced strategy, which minimises risks to your international expansion.
Starting with a terminology assessment (the official language of your enterprise and your products or services), we can then assess your current multilingual approach, help optimise it with the centralisation of some processes and the adoption of some technology. We can also help you understand which materials would need to be given precedence in the other market, country by country. Unless your company has already adopted a wide approach to localization, we believe that it makes sense to localise only for the markets where you are present in commercial terms. And work in iterations, in tandem with your commercial success.

Seize Opportunity Worldwide!

And engage with your customer in a language/culture she or he truly understands.