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Remote video-conferencing has many advantages. No travel, better use of your time, sharing of documents, annotations, and recordings, all done in a fraction of the time usually necessary in a physical setting.
Now you can have your talk interpreted simultaneously during the meeting too, allowing you to communicate with people with whom you do not share a language in a simple and accessible way.

Conference Interpreting

Conference interpretation is conveying a message spoken in one language into another.
It is practised at international summits, professional seminars, bilateral or multilateral meetings of heads of State and Government, meetings between chief executives, social and union representatives, at congresses and other meetings in the form of simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting.

Remote Interpreting

emote interpreting is supported by technology and infrastructure: It requires a strong and stable internet connection and a reliable remote intepreting platform.
Results and the quality of the service, provided the above conditions are met, are not different from those achieved in a physical conference setting.
It is more flexible and convenient at a lower total cost of service.

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is a service targeted to enhance service accessibility for ethnically diverse communities. It allows vital services to be accessed and understood by the wider community. It requires a high degree of cultural awareness.

It includes interpreting for the Courts, for the Police and for the Medical Services.

Interpreting is a highly skilled profession and of immense benefit if you are not 100% fluent in the relevant language.

Do not leave it to chance! For more information and for our guides, please see our dedicated site InterpretDirect

Access in a multicultural society: the role of remote intepreting