Conference Interpreting

Conference interpretation is conveying a message spoken in one language into another.
It is practised at international summits, professional seminars, bilateral or multilateral meetings of heads of State and Government, meetings between chief executives, social and union representatives, at congresses and other meetings in the form of simultaneous, consecutive and business interpreting and chuchotage.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a relatively new, flexible and effective way to secure an easy and correct communication between two speakers of different langauge, where duration, urgency or cost do not justify the hiring of a conference interpreter. It is provided by speaker phone if the requirement is to interpret a meeting or a medical session, or in conf-call mode if speakers are in different locations.

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is a specific type of interpreting service which is found more in community-based than organisational situations. It is a particularly vital service in communities with large numbers of ethnic minorities, enabling those minorities to access services where, due to the language barrier, they would otherwise find it difficult. Community interpreters need not only to be fluent in the language that they are interpreting, but also with the public services involved, to be aware of the cultural and racial implications of the interpreting work. It includes interpreting for the Courts, for the Police and for the Medical Services.

Interpreting is a highly skilled profession and of immense benefit if you are not 100% fluent in the relevant language. Do not leave it to chance! For more information and for our guides, please see our dedicated site