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With this widget, you can quote and automatically trigger a translation order.
Please be aware that this is an automated service and that you will receive a confirmation e-mail with delivery dates and costs.
By using this service, you agree on using your data for the legitimate purpose of requesting the service and following up on your order.
If you know what you need to translate, and do not need advice on which service can offer you the best value in the specific circumstance, please follow these steps to quote and order.

Should you prefer do discuss the order before uploading the files, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Service Options Explained:

  • Translation and revision – The text is translated by a human translator and then revised by a second person.
  • Human translation ONLY – The text is translated by a human translator but not subjected to an independent revision.
  • Machine translation with post-editing – The text is translated by a customized Machine Translation Engine, compliant with confidentiality requirements, and post-edited by a qualified linguist and subject-matter expert with bilingual revision.
  • Translation of financial and insurance documents – The text is translated by a human translator, revised by a second person, and then formally revised/proofread.
  • Translation of legal documents by lawyer-linguists – The text is translated by a lawyer-linguist, reviewed by a second person and formally revised by a third person, compliant with ISO20771 requirements as to professionality, confidentiality and indemnity insurance.
  • Transcreation or ‘Persuasive Translation’ – Ideal for digital marketing content and sales comms, as well as texts critical to a company’s or brand’s reputation.


  1. Select a service. We offer a wide range of services, and if you are not sure which type of service is the most suited for your specific need, please call us on +442033842458.
  2. Choose the language combination. Should it not be in the widget, please contact our OfficePLEASE NOTE: Source and target language must be different.
  3. Upload your document or, if short, cut and paste the text.
  4. Specify the deadline you require.
  5. IMPORTANT: you must verify your e-mail BEFORE you submit your files.
  6. We will now confirm the dates and price and then proceed with the work.

Please note: Work on your copy will start once payment is received. Please indicate the type of service chosen and the quotation number or project number at payment confirmation. Thank you!

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